I usually get my respect for personal space, with only one exception - my uncle. He is my main culprit for touching my hair because he says he wants to "relax" it and "let it flow"; what the heck?!?! One time (before I was even CG!) I was wearing a curly ponytail, and he just randomly started to play with it, then when I walked out of the TV room, everyone was giving me looks of pity, so I went to the mirror to see what was wrong, to find that my hair looked like I dry-combed it! I usually don't say anything because of course, he's my uncle, and I respect him.

Next time, though, I WILL say something!

"Smile...just do it."

3aMii, medium porosity, medium to low elasticity

Shampoo & Conditioner: HE Hydralicious Featherweight
Styling: HETMS Spray Gel and Finishing Touch Cream
DT: GF Triple Nutrition