The top of my head is finicky -- sometimes I get terrific root curl (normally just in the winter) while in the summer it is just wavy.

I once got a perm just on the top and it did not 'take'. I thought that was strange....but I digress.

Personally, I would not do it again. I would rely on product and acceptance of your natural hair pattern.
2B on top/3A on bottom w/ a little 3B mixed in.... Medium w/ med porosity


Cleanse: V05 or Suave Clarifying Condish

Moisturize: AOHR, GVP Balm, TooShea, Kenra

Stylers: CJ CCCC & Smoothing Gellie, BRHG

Other: ACV rinse when needed, Jessicurl WDT weekly

Just discovered Curl Junkie products!