You could try doing the skip-curl technique.
You don't have to use ck for it to work.
Wow! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who's been considering this..

Ella- I have the SAME problem. There are parts of my hair that just like being straight. No. BAD! Donotwant. My hair is so confused.

I would much rather have curly hair rather than wavy.. Which I know sounds bad, but it's just pure honesty. I used to put my hair up in pin-curls to make them curlier, but that took me too much time, and was a little hard to sleep in...

I'm going to stay CG as my hair grows out to see what happens, but if I do eventually go for it... Any tips about doing the perm? For those who already have experience with perms.. I want to see a professional for it, of course, but the chemical aspect makes me a little nervous. I've done a lot to my hair before and it withstands a LOT, but I've never done any chemical processing like perms/straightening.

Thanks all. I'm glad I could be honest on here! I'll embrace the waves.... for now >>
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3a/b, med texture, med porosity, low dews