Okay, all you Ouidad users know that the 15th is the day the prices go up (as if they aren't pricy enough already)! I wanted to stock up. The CC gel is great for humidity and frankly the best gel I've EVER used. However, here in Kentucky there's always moisture in the air, even in the winter. It's been a long time since I used the Tress FX, but got fantabulous results when I mixed it with Curl Keeper. I'm trying to cut down on product overload, so would like to use as few products as possible.

IF I were to buy one liter of each, which would last at least a year (I hope), do these products go bad?

Given one choice, which gel would you purchase?? Today is the 14th, so I need to make a choice by midnight!

I appreciate anyone willing to offer a comment or experience. TIA!