Also, I am curious.... I want to see a picture of what you guys consider a big pregnant belly as opposed to a small one....
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Big = Octomom?

I have no idea. I think it really varies. When I was pregnant with #2, some ladies at work acted like I was really big, but I didn't think so. I always measured where I was or a week behind, and my weight gain during the pregnancy was about 30 or 32 lb. They were not snarky or catty, they were my best work friends, so who knows. I posted pics back on page 12 (I think), so judge for yourselves.
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I know whenever I've told a pregnant woman she is big, it is SO not snarky or catty... it's a compliment! I wanted to be big! I don't say that anymore because I'm realizing people don't take it that way. You didn't look abnormally big, but definitely what I would call a good big.
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