Medussa... I never got "you don't look pregnant from behind." Of course I didn't... the baby isn't in my back is it?
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I think its the women who carry the way Medussa is that get that comment. When walking behind them, you can't tell they're pregnant, but they turn and are all belly.

With some women, you can just tell they are pregnant from the back.

Did that make sense?
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Yeah.... but I meant, people did say it to me quite often, but I didn't understand what they meant, because, regardless of how they were carrying, I've never seen someone who looked pregnant from behind. Unless their belly was so big that it showed from the sides maybe, but I haven't ever seen that. I gather it's supposed to be a compliment in some way?

I've been pregnant, and put me in the camp of better not to say anything or have anyone say anything to you - too hard to figure out!
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