it's taken me a while to get through this thread...entertaining and insightful my turn...

Mom: Yes I'm happy that your boyfriend of nearly 5 years has finally moved in with you and things are finally turning around for you but why does he ALWAYS have to go EVERYWHERE with you? Are you no longer an individual because you have a man again? And would you CALL your best friend and go out to lunch with her please! She thinks you don't even care about her anymore and it can't be just you and her like it always has been because he's finally here. If you tell me to pick you up at a certain BE READY TO GO and don't make me wait around for a half an hour...I could have slept in some more. Don't ask me to drive and criticize everything I do. Yes, I've had some mishaps (large and small) but I'm in control and I know what I'm doing. Stop using the imaginary break, you're not gonna die.

Dad: Stop being such a stubborn arse. It's been nearly 5 years and I'm tired of my brothers and I being put in the middle. Grow up. Why don't you try actually spending time with your sons instead of just yelling and punishing when they do something wrong. Why the heck can't joe just stay there when he goes to the SAME school that alex does? There is NO sense whatsoever of bring joe all the way back to mom's house just to drive all the way back to your house when joe has to be right back out there the next morning. Stop doing things like that just to annoy mom, it's old, childish and unreasonable. Adam is only almost 14...stop acting like he's going to know everything, he's not an adult yet. He's still a kid, he's allowed to act like one. And fricking call management about the problems in your townhouse apartment, you pay way too much a month in rent to them to deal with that crap.

Alex: Quit with the attitude. I've been dealing with your oversensitive behind for too long and I'm really getting sick of your outbursts. And STOP changing your mind every 5 seconds when we're picking a movie or a place to eat. Yes, you do owe me nearly $100 for concert tickets.

Joe: What the heck is your deal? BRUSH YOUR DANG TEETH! If we ask you a question don't answer us in a 'isn't it obvious where i was aren't you stupid' tone of voice. Stop writing all over your jeans and then wear the same pair 5 days in a row.

If every livejournal entry is going to be about how depressed you are that your boyfriend won't be able to contact you for a month because he's in the military, then please don't post. I'm tired of hearing about him and every detail that goes on with him. We don't care. Get a job or a hobby or something.

No, I don't believe in God anymore and I don't believe that you can just 'leave it up to God'. Don't put me in Catholic school my entire life and expect me to still believe mom. You're not exactly a model Catholic yourself now are you?

If I take the time to answer with the proper greeting ("IT Helpdesk, how can I help you?") the least you can do is say "sorry, wrong number". DON'T JUST HANG UP. I'm doing the best I can to help you, don't hang up on me because I don't know all the answers. And no I don't know when the computer center will be with you, there are other people on campus with problems too. If you call at the last minute for audio visual equipment don't get pissed off when it's not available, you should have called sooner. If there is a sign on the door that says the computer lab is closed for spring break until March 8 DON'T COME IN. Yes, the door may be ajar but that's so WE can get in and out without always have a key. I don't care if you have to print something really quick. Learn to read.

Don't bring your kids to class and eat your dinner too. Don't bring your kids to the computer labs either, they're not going to sit still.

Stop asking computer questions you should be asking your professor! Why don't you pay attention when I'm explaining to you how to use your FTP and stop asking me the same questions over and over again.

To the McDonald's across the street and down one block: Stop over charging people who aren't black.

To the bum who sits at the light before the expressway: Don't call me a "Lousy f***ing b***h" because I wouldn't give you any money.

I'm MEXICAN not Spanish. If you can't pronounce my name after me telling you how to pronounce it, just don't do it. No, I can't speak Spanish unfortunately so no I don't know what they're saying.

yep that does feel better.
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