I decided to let my hair grow for one entire year without cutting or trimming and to take really good care of it. it has been six months so far and although i have never officially measured my hair it has gone from just below shoulder lenght to bra strap length. I have been going through a constant battle with myself to stick to my plan. so six months to go. I have heard that hair usually grows about 1/2 inch a month and that sounds like about what mine has grown. and yes i have been getting less shrinkage due to the weight of the length especially by the roots it is mostly just wavy by the roots now. I still get good s curls and some spiral ringlets.
Very Thick dry 3b BSL.
Fine, medium porosity
Right now I am using GVP conditioning balm for cowash and RO,
my hair loves protein.
for styling my base is BRHG I can use it alone but prefer with Curl Keeper. I sulphate poo once a month or so as needed.