Well, almost exactly a year ago, I had a very, very, short crop. I had about half an inch all around--I was practically bald, shoot!

Right now I'm not even sure WHERE I'm at! I'm definitely still in the awkward growing out stage and because I've had to get it cut so many times, I'm still not even at mid-neck length. Still, being that I was nearly hairless a year ago and taking into account just how THICK my hair is, I've had quite a bit of growth in the last year.

My short term goal is mid-neck length, which I'm hoping to achieve by this October! I think I'm getting way too ahead of myself with that one, though. Once it gets that length I'm starting CG. CG typically makes your hair curlier and while I am SO excited about how my 3b's will look, it's too short right now and I still need to be able to tie it back, so I'm on a modified low-poo diet.

My long-term goal is some gorgeous BSL hair. Mmm, that'd be perfect!