[QUOTE=Cupid;996906]When i had really big kinky hair and fro's i used to have many situations like that .

Same here. I'm African American & wore a MASSIVE Jackson Five type afro in the late 60's til 1981 when I started curly perms. Anyhow I had to get used to Caucasians wanting to touch my hair. I didn't mind. I'm a teacher & regarded those times as "teachable moments". Afros were a new style & they were unfamiliar with that hair type.They wanted to touch it ;were surprised that it was so soft & asked questions about how I took care of it,did I set it,etc. You have to remember that TOUCH is one of our most important senses;one by which we learn about our world. Babies & baby animals that aren't touched & cuddled don't thrive & have behavior problems.The urge to touch can be overwhelming & at times irrational. You see a stone sculpture at a museum. Now everyone on the planet knows what stone feels like. But you still have an irrational urge to reach out & touch that sculpture anyway. That's why you see PLEASE DON'T TOUCH in museums,why really precious items are enclosed in glass cases. Oh yes... PLEASE DON'T TOUCH THE GLASS. In Philadelphia there's a "Please Touch Museum". I decided In Feb not to perm my hair anymore & go natural. So I'll probably be dealing with this issue again in the near future.
Hair type 4 "mystery"
Fine,soft hair with little penspring curls of different sizes. Small patch of wavy hair at center of my nape. Did BC in 2009 after 28yrs of curly perms.
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