Angela's Ashes by frank McCourt. Also, T'is and Teacher man (second and third in the series)

The Road by Cormack McCarthy

Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen

Pretty much any book by Stephen King, Dean Koontz, John Saul or Clive Barker.

All of the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice

The list goes on and on - I love to read!
3b/3a - CG since 04-30-2009
fine texture, med porosity

GTTT, Live Clean, EO Sweet Orange
Condish: Calia, AO Rosa Mosqueta/White Camellia/Honeysuckle Rose/Island Naturals/GPB, ABBA Pure Gentle, Desert Essence Shea Butter
DT: Usually just use one of my richer conditioners, sometimes add oils or honey
Gels: Homemade FSG!!!, Druide, BRHG, Alba Soft Hold Style Cream,

experimenting with: honey, agave, oils, butters, ACV, Curls Milkshake, more conditioners