Your skin sounds like mine throughout high school.

Two things - switch to clenser, astringent, moisturizer for sensitive skin (I like Clinique). Anything overly drying just makes you get oilier later.

Also, there are products that you can put on under your foundation (just where you need it) that keep the shine from building up. Clean and Clear makes one, Garden Botnaika used to - I'm sure there are lots of them now.

And keep those blotting papers handy!

One more (ok so more than two things) - I don't know how much foundation you wear or coverage you need but Revlon Color Stay foundation and Coty (yellow, white, and gold round box thing) loose powder (I think it Coty) made all the difference for me when I still had oily skin and lived in a super humid climate. They may be heavier than you're looking for, tho.