booo missed my run today, damn home remodeling projects.

keep us posted on the Insanity workouts FT, never heard of them. what are they about? I to like to get my workout done in the morning , though lately it just doesn't happen. my 2yr wakes up too early and Ii'm just way too tired to get out of bed in the morning lately.
Type: 3a/3b, fine-medium
Cleanse: hg:whispering windz farm jar soaps,
Moisture/Co rinse: GVP conditioning balm
DT: Jessicurl's dt
Leave in: KCKT
Definition: kccc
Hold: rotating: gvp liquid scuplting gel
ACV rinse bi-weekly
"My father says almost the whole world's asleep...He says only a few people are awake. And they live in a state of constant, total amazement."