So these videos have been floating around many hair care sites today. But I want even more people to see it, the more people who report it and show it around, the better chance we have to take this slime sorry excuse for a mother down. Somebody knows who she is. Me and my mom just got done crying over this. I hugged her and thanked her for not being evil and full of hate towards me. Sadly, this little girl can say no such thing about her mother. Let the authorities know you care. I posted this in the non-hair section just becuase it's not only about hair.

So basically **If you are senstive to children do not watch this. This will piss you off!!**


I feel sooooo sorry for this poor poor child. It makes me angry that this mother is doing this to her childs head. The baby is sreaming/crying and the mother just snapping that raggedy brush through dry natural hair. This is borderline child hair abuse at its finest! She even gets on top of the child on the floor and holds her to the ground and rips her hair out and curses at her and calls her "nappy headed"! OMG! The baby tells her mother "I HATE YOU"!! *cries to myself*

This is why children grow up thinking they have "bad hair" cause they mama's don't know the proper way to take care of it! If she only knew all she needed was some conditioner and a nice wide tooth comb! OMG!!

The girls YOUTUBE page it was uploaded to is
We flagged the first one, but she removed the other two. Some LHCF'ers saved the videos and uploaded them on Zshare. Thanks for the links applebananas

1st video
2nd video
3rd video

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To help us report this abuse PLEASE send a email to these resources. (email)

My FOX 'Hall of Shame' (choose Hall of Fame where it says Topic)

WJLB Radio Station (Detroits #1 Radio Station. They get stuff like this put out there and they talk about issues like this daily).
(click on the link that says "send us an email"
In the subject address it to: CoCo, Foolish and Mr. Chase. 'Child Abuse on Youtube'

or you can call them: Business Phone: 313-965-2000

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