Good question.

This is just my opinion, and it isn't all that research based.

The Aphogee 2-step is pretty intensive, and I don't know what else matches it.

I've always thought of the K-pak and Emergencee as being similar in intensity. But, since they use different protein sources, they may well react differently on people depending on individual tolerance.

I don't think of the 2-step as something to use lightly or weekly. It's good for fixing damage though, and I do read of a fair amount of people who use it monthly or every 6 weeks.

The K-pak and Emergencee seem to be the types that can be used weekly or semi-weekly, or as an occasional hit to perk up droopy curls.

I personally consider the GPB more than a regular protein heavy conditioner, but no quite a treatment. Others would probably consider it a treatment. I never know how to count that one.

Suave C. and LVPNG, I'd consider mod to high protein for a regular conditioner. There is enough in there for the moderately protein averse to get a reaction from it with consistent use. But, for others, this is a good thing.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

Med/Coarse, porous curly.