What kind of problems are you having? I think everyone's hair is different, but I think your hair should be looking fab by Aug. 12. Mine took about 2-3 weeks the first time, and just a few days this time. You'll have to experiment a bit to find the right products/routine for your hair. What are you using now? You should get lots of tips on budget friendly products here. One of my fave conditioning washes is VO5 Vanilla Mint. I'ts only 1.00$! Good luck, and keep us posted. 8th grade is an awesome year!
2c/3a SL med/fine
Started CG in 6/08 Fell off the wagon 10/08, Back on since 7/09
Co-Wash- VO5 Vanilla Mint
Low Poo once/week- KCCC
R/O and L/I Tigi Moisture Maniac
Gels-BRHG and LA Looks Curl (also like Aquage)
Experimenting with GVP K-Pac, and loving it
Location-Tampa/Orlando corridor
Learning to love my curls one day at time