according to my math KCCC is sill cheaper than mop-c or recoil

MOP-C $16 for 5 oz $3.20 per oz
Recoil $18 for 6 oz $3.00 per oz
KCCC $33 for 16 oz $2.06 per oz

Plus I use a lot less KCCC than Mop-C. I just tried MOP-C again las week and it was definitely blah for me compared to KCCC. And I can't handle the salts in recoil.

I love KCCC and will pay 33 gladly! But if it doesn't wow you, it sure wouldn't be worth anything!
med/coarse; porous; 2c & 3c
protein sensitive
too much glycerin and some oils give me stringlets


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