Going for the Cappolla Keratin Treatment on Thursday. My hair stylist said the one she uses is the advanced one and you can wash your hair right away...you don't have to wait 3 days. She also said you can put it up in a ponytail too. Has anyone ever heard of this? She said it will last 4-6 months. She said the one where you can't wash your hair for 3 days is the older one and now they came out with the advanced. Please reply.
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For my second Keratin treatment I got a 24-hour advanced system, but it wasn't Coppola, and I'm pretty sure there was formaldehyde in it. It seems to have had stronger results, which I like a lot more. I didn't put it up during the waiting period however.
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Frustrated none the less... Keratin process set for 12/20 unless something changes before then.

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1/20/2009 could not come sooner