LOL!!! I knew OTC would be all over this thread!! rudee, I did a variation of this using the denman for my conditioning/co wash only. I'm always hesitant to comb, rake too much or brush in stylers. My hair was bigger once it dried and the underneath lost a lot of definition

So I'm thinking if you want lots of body go for it, or if you have a nice strong curl pattern like rudee evolved on her head overnight go for it. I swear I can't do anything but scrunch...picky picky PITA hair I have I'm glad you started this thread though, this could help a lot of those seeking more clumps!! Maybe I'll try adding water and scrunching after product app? I notice when I take down my initial plop it's when I have the best clumping and then as I add product I start to lose it more and more.
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