Kathy, that's probably it. I was at Lassen's Health Food store the other day and asked the girl which shampoos and condishes were protein free and she did not know I went with Aubrey Organics HR over Burt's Bees. Still too early to tell but I like the AOHR so far.

Nett, I love manipulator. I use it when my hair is about 80% dry. I rub a bit between my hands and scrunch it evenly, and lightly, up into my curls. It helps to set the definition.

I usually carry a jar in my purse. For some reason, I forgot it when i went to get a hair cut Sat. I have a Deva stylist I go to who is pretty good. Anyway, my hair looked gorgeous, of course after she was done with it. I wanted to set the curls w/manipulator but didn't have it. My hair held all day very nicely, and I got decent 2nd day hair. I am on 3rd day right now and it's not great - too frizzy. But it's not awful. I tied it back with a ribbon and it looks ok. I never get 3rd day curls anyway!
But I found it interesting that I (well, she) got such good curl formation without the manipulator. I may experiment with that. I've used manipulator for like 10 years.
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I loved bed heads manipulator when my hair was short....I should try it again.
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