hello! i'm a newbie and i'm going to try to go cg...actually modified cg coz i think i'm gonna need a low-poo sooner or later...

so my question is, how often do you guys shampoo? once a week? twice a week? one a month? once a year?

also, any recommendations on a low-poo product? according to the guidelines, i have 2b/c-ish curls, high porosity, medium-coarse texture (i'm asian), normal volume (3 inches). i'm guessing i'm also protein sensitive.

help? pretty please? thank you...
newbie! Started CG July 22, 2009. Wish me luck! i'm gonna need it.
2b/c-ish? high porosity. medium-coarse texture. medium volume (3 inches). protein sensitive (i think).

low-poo: Giovanni 50:50 shampoo
co-wash: Suave Naturals strawberry
conditioner/leave-in: GVP conditioning balm
DT: Lustrasilk Shea & Mango
styler: experimenting with Got2B mousse, Pantene mousse, HE mousse.

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