Which denman do you have?
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That basic old school denman - someone help me out with a thumbnail here pls.
This shall forevermore be known as "THE RUDEE CLUMPER"! At least that's what I'm calling it.

I tried it this morning and I have fabulous clumps BUT I think from now on I will practice this method while still in the shower. I get just about the same results working with soaking wet hair while still in the shower and I don't have to mop up the bathroom after I get through throwing palmfuls of water around. Plus, I'm able to get more water into the back of my hair. I sure have some happy, clumpy hair this morning!

ETA: I am going to experiment with this method using the sink to see if it might give me any success with 2nd day hair.
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I tried doing it in the shower and it works decently clump wise. The catch for me is that I need to see my hair when I am doing the soaking and the final brushing/placement step (if I miss soaking a spot it will not clump like the rest of the head and remember I need that cause I have lots of layers!) I can get better palmfuls of water from the sink than the shower to really soak it.
I tried this today and had to get back in the shower and get my head wet again, lol.

It just made me all tangly. For whatever reason, I just need to do this all upside down.
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Gee thats odd - tangly?? Is your hair prone to tangles?
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