Rudee, I will have to give this a try. It seems scrunching also breaks up the clumps for me too.
Your hair is a lot like mine. When I had a shorter haircut it was very similar to yours volume curls bangs and all.
Now the weight pulls some of the curls down from the top making it a little flatter. Will this work without using the brush?? Had a bad PJ attack and have no xtra $$ but am very anxious to try this I think it will do the trick. (How about a fine toothed comb?)
Oh and when are you gonna do that video we are all waiting to see??
Originally Posted by IamDonna
Donna, Conair makes a rip off of the Denman brush thats just a few bucks. And now that you mention it, before I started with the Denman last year I was using a fine toothed comb, but make sure its fine toothed.

Re yer flat top issue: you know its cause your hair is so long and without layers. Have you tried drying upside down or to the sides? (I can't cause it gives me too much volume.) But in terms of this routine, the "brush out and away from the scalp" step is crucial for you.

Have you tried clipping for root lift? And (last question) any pics from when your hair was shorter like mine? I'm uber curious now

As for a video.... I'm considering it
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