Who knew my first official post on NC would be on a dormant thread about THIS!

I've been lurking on here for about a month now and I've been reading past posts on the 4a/4b sections. Thank GOODNESS someone else out there feels the crawling sensations! There is this one small section on my head that feels like I have bugs crawling around it from time to time. I've actually heard about this Morgellons so you won't believe how many people I've had look at my scalp for bugs or threads. They would always say my scalp looked 100% normal and I would think they just weren't looking hard enough.

Whew...I'm normal! lol I also experience scalp tenderness from time to time that can't be explained by hairstyles/products and I did read on here that this may be linked to the female monthly cycle. Maybe this crawling sensation is also related to the monthly cycle??