My hair does not like that ingredient either. I can use a conditioner as a cowash with it in it but not as a rinse out.

I am pretty sure the Sauve Coconut condish does not have that ingredient nor the Wild Cherry. But those have Cetrimonium Chloride which sometimes my hair does not like either. But again, I am ok using them as a cowash just not as a rinse out.
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Suave conditioners including the coconut all have three different kinds of chlorides in them (cetrimonium chloride, potassium chloride and distearyldimonium chloride), and my hair became limp and stringy with them, too. I stopped using them altogether, but maybe I'll start using them only for co-washing again, if it works for you. They're too cheap not to try!
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Current routine: co-wash & detangle with AIA Coconut CoWash then RO. Experimenting w/AG re:coil, DCVF & All-Nutrient Hair Proteinizer.
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