Very interesting - your hair is very unique (and gorgeous) and I've wondered how you get it to look the way it does in your pics. It doesn't have any trace of the wet/crunchy look that I frequently see on these boards and often struggle with myself. I can't image how you get that result after soaking your hair - does it take forever to dry? Also, how do you manage to plop with bangs? I've tried plopping and it really messes with my bangs...

Thanks for sharing!
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Yay! A fellow Curly Bangs chick!

First of all, none of my pics reflect this method - I just came up with this 2 weeks ago and havent posted any pics of it yet (DundunDUN!!!!) I started the thread at the urging of another curly who heard me mention it in various random posts.

As for the crunchy look - look at my Sig.... My life long quest is definition without crunch. I WILL NOT do Crunch. I'd rather have bad hair then crunch (thats just me, no hate mail please).

I MUST be able to touch my hair, which I do constantly. Thats really more, IMO, a function of the right product for my hair/goals. Admittedly, lots of products that give other curlies crunch dont do so on me (no clue why but I suspect it is the sheer weight/mass of my hair).

As for drying, I always either plop (mainly in summer) or at least scrunch out the excess with my curl ease. I would imagine my drying time would be shorter if I towel dried conventionally, but that aint happening

As for plopping with bangs: Last summer I used to fish out my bangs, twist them in a clip and THEN go into the plop. It was a nuisance and always resulted in slight ruffling (ie frizz) by my temples. One day I was doing one of those 'im not going anywhere so who cares' hair days and I went straight into the plop without pulling out my bangs. When I came out of the plop I noticed that it was MUCH easier to seperate them out than pre-plop. So thats how I do it now. And since I've been using the Denman/Soaker method, when I come out of the plop, even the bangs are clumpy, so they are even EASIER to grab!

HTH and thanks for the lovely compliments!
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