I did it in the shower today and just brushed upside down and put products into soaking wet hair without squeezing out any excess water and then plopping. I got the same good clumping I got yesterday at the sink without having to mop up my mess. Yesterday it looked like a flock of big birds had a party at a birdbath!! I've always gotten better clumping when putting products into soaking wet hair right in the shower and don't know why I haven't been doing it lately - I'll have to back to doing that regularly again. I guess I don't need to see what I'm doing since I start diffusing upside down as soon as I come out of the plop and my part/bangs either fall into place or can be manipulated without too much trouble once I come right side up.
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I have always put product into sopping wet hair as well. The diff is that now I scrunch in lots of water after product application. I actually stumbled upon this as a result of using my CJSG, which instructs you to add water to further "activate" the product.
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