Ok, stupid question, but how are you getting the back? Do you go upside down at all? With leaning to the side, I can't get all of the back. I've just got too much hair to get it all. I know you've got tons of hair, too, Rudee, so how are you doing this? Yesterday, when I did it at the sink, I got great clumps on the sides, but the back didn't do as well.
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I am accustomed to layers, so I am used this from my gel scrunching. I lean to the sides AND tip my head sideways so all my hair hangs out and down. I also scrunch upwards on the exterior surface of my hair ,moving incrementally to anywhere I have layers, which means I am scrunching in tiers almost. In doing that I apparently am getting the top tier of the back of my head as well.

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