I washed with Suave, rinsed with JCWDT then added some JCDWT to ends and KCCC. I plopped for 5 minutes. Then re-wet and reapplied JCWDT and KCCC to lengths. I was just thinking that the KCCC has humectant properties and using extra on a humid day may have been too much. This just occurred to me as I was posting on the high dew point support thread.

Also the utter shapelessness may have been due to a combination of factors, just aggravated by the humidity and extra dose of humectants.
I haven't had my hair cut in 9 months. I really doesn't have much shape to begin with. The curlier parts of my hair respond more to the humidity, drawing attention to the inconsistent curl pattern. Just theorizing. Did you see my pics?
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I saw the pics and see what yer talking about, but I am uber confused: You are using WDT as your daily condish? And your leave in? Is your hair that dry, cause thats alotta moisture. And then KCCC on top of that....whoa.

Also, I'm curious, why are you plopping before the resoak? Have you tried it the way I described in the OP?
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