Yes, my hair is pretty dry, at least on the ends. I use very little product on the crown since it isn't as porous and dry. I plop in between to dry out the crown and get at least a little lift. Even with very little product, the under layers of my hair above my ears take forever to dry. Judging from your reaction, this is way too much moisture. I'll try to back off a little. Also, I 'll revisit your OP and follow your approach.
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Well, you know your own hair, but even if its dry, I would dont know that I would use the WDT as my daily. I hope other dry curlys chime in on this. Maybe just find a richer rinse out and/or a good leav in for you ends?

Anyhow, yes, try it like it is in the OP. I really think this might alos help you boost your roots. Let us know.
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