I have 3b hair (I'm pretty sure) and I'm a mix of various shades of white
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Me too. There are a few Native Americans several generations back, but they're not normally thought of as curlyheads.

As far as I know, whether or not your hair grows curly or not has very little to do with race... I don't think that the gene controlling how hair grows is even remotely near the one that controls skin tone. That said, there may be a correlation between race and the *tendancy* towards certain characteristics (much in the same way that people from Scandinavia tend to be quite pale and blonde), but that's because of the current gene pool in the area, not necessarily because the two are actually intrinsically related. My point is that race of any sort (mixed, pure, or otherwise) is not directly related to curl type, though there may be a propensity towards certain kinds of hair types in a given ethnicity. Hope that makes some sense - my memory of genetics is slightly rusty.
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