I had my cut with MaryAnn and love it! It was awesome! I will definitely go back to her.

When I got there, my hair was half way between shoulder length and bra strap length. I don't really like my hair that long and it wasn't curling well, so I was really ready to give up some length. It had also been a really long time (maybe a year) since I had a cut because I just haven't had anyone that I liked going to. My hair is a mix of 2a/3a/3b, fine, thin, and fairly porous. When I got there, 2a was what I mostly saw. Afterwards, the 3a curls are much more dominant in the front (the back not so much, but that might improve with styling technique) and if I wear some of my hair pulled back, the 3b's are really obvious (all my 3b's grow from the lower part of my scalp around the nape of my neck).

MaryAnn spent about an hour and a half with me. She first talked to me about how I want to wear my hair and how I take care of it. Then she started to cut. She's Deva certified, so she did the dry cut, curl by curl. She was very knowledgeable about products but didn't try to sell me anything. Overall, it was a really good experience.

Here are some photos. I was even able to get nice 2nd day hair, something I have never been able to get before.

Still reading and trying to figure all this out, but I think my hair is...
2A/3A/3B - ranges from weak waves on top to tight ringlets underneath. Fine texture, normal-high porosity, thin density.

Fave products:
Wash: Suave Naturals Coconut, some Abba sulfate free
Conditioner - JC Too Shea, AO GBP
Stylers - JC CC, JC RR, BSRHG

But I have a whole cabinet of other stuff to try out! LOL

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