I tried to get 2nd day hair today using Rudee's method and it came out pretty good. Not quite as good as 1st day but seeing how I hardly ever get 2nd day hair, it's quite a success for me!

I wet my hair at the sink, used FSG as my base coat, brushed it through, then used a container and poured water all over my head -- much less messy than using my hands; I evidently tend to throw the water -- then scrunched in Mop Top gel. Can't wait to try it again on 1st day hair.



My hair is growing! YAY!!

Can't wait for the video, Rudee!
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Good lord woman, your hair is stunning!!

Question: You dont find that pouring the water downward over your head gives you flat top? One of the things I like about the rewetting at the sink is the lift is allow my canopy clumps to get.
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