Seriously, I think the Super Soaker method is revolutionary I was getting stringy curls because my hair was drying too fast and of course didn't think I was "allowed" to re-wet them since I had never heard of someone doing that before!!
So yeah, I tried it today. Left me with big clumps prior to diffusing. Shoulda taken pics, I know, but the end result was just meh because I used my Hot Sock today for the first time and it wrecked my clumps.
My only hestitation about this method is that when you're rewetting at the sink, I felt like it was washing out my LI and curl creme. Yes, I was scrunching up (it's not like I poured water over my head), but still I felt like some product must have been coming off with the water dripping from my hair. I used CJ CCCC today and I shudder to think it may have run down the drain eeeek! What are your thoughts?
2c-3a. Thick density. Texture = mixture of medium and fine.

Always trying to boost my curl!

Go-to products: Pink Boots, CJSG, LALSG, Abba Pure Finish gel
Experimenting with: CJAF, CJ CCCC, JCRR/CC, BRHG, PB Goo, Re:Coil, Komaza CHP, EcoStyler Protein
Didn't like: HESMU, Matrix Biolage Gelee (both too goopy)
Last updated: Dec. 3, 2009