I'd really like to try this methode, do I have to use 2 different conditioner ?? and wich conditionner is the best or popular, that I can find at boots or superdrug (in uk)??

I read that some people use gels, is it going to damage or dry my hair ??

thanks :-)

(sorry if my english is bad ...Im still learning)
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It doesn't really matter which conditioner you use, as long as it doesn't have any sulfates in the ingredients or silicones (which are in the ingredients as -Cone EG. dimethicone and amodimethicone) As long as you are and your hair are happy with the conditioner and it doesnt have and cones or sulfates in it then you are fine.
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Also beware of the suffix -xane, which marks nasty silicones like cyclopentasiloxane. Avoiding other build-up-causing stuff like mineral oil and petrolatum is a must as well.

And gel won't dry your hair out if you pick a good one and otherwise moisturize well. HTH!

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