Another satisfied curly! I tried it yesterday:
1. Co-wash w/ suave something
2. RO w/ LVPNG (first time with this, too, so that might affect the good results)
3. CJ CCCC combed in w/ Denman knock off (first time w/ a brush since I went CG)
4. pooled cool water in my hands and lovingly puddled my hair - in the shower
5. scrunched in LASG and then Aquis towel.
6. air dried to lovely soft clumps

Like I pointed out, I tried a number of "new" things yesterday, but the combo definitely worked well. Probably THE best hair day since I've gone CG.

I think the real test is, normally I wash at night and necessarily part of my drying is done while sleeping so I don't always get the best curl formation then. I'll try it out and report back. (sorry no pics this time)
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