I tried this upside down in the tub, and it still doesn't seem to be my thing.

But, I do remember that anything for clump promotion seems to have negligible or negative effects on me. I just don't have clumpy type hair. My curls are thin in general, and would be stringy to some, and that's just how they form. I just need to quit trying to be all clumpy and stuff, lol. The only way I would get clumps would be to cut back to grazing-shoulder level or shorter.

Lol, I should make a "stringy curls unite" club.

It is great to see this working for so many people though!
Originally Posted by redcelticcurls
Lol. Acceptance is key for all of us; and many a curly would swap hair with you!!!!

Plus, there is a "am I the only one who doesnt want clumps" somewhere on the boards as we speak!

BTW- I posted a pic of my hair done with the Super Soaker Method. Its not the greatest hair, as I was trying a new product combo
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