WOW, CalamityM, that is an amazing transformation!!! Would you mind sharing what products you use?[/QUOTE]

Sure! I believe everyone's hair is unique though and you really have to experiment to find what works for YOUR hair. Really quickly (don't want to hijack this thread) here is the stuff I use now. (I have fine hair by the way)

Shampoo: Deva Low Poo
Conditioner: Deva Condition One
Gel: Curl Keeper (with a bit of AG: Re-coil scrunched in) (Sometimes I used Biotera gel for extra hold)

Accessories: Bone comb, curl ease hair towel (for plopping) and a diffuser!

For more info check out the post I did last year on my blog:


I'll update it with another curl related post one of these days.

Beauty Blog :

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