I did a semi-version of this today but in the shower...but I forgot to bring in my denman..so had to use my wider toothed comb (I hate that with a passion-being in the shower-all wet and realizing you forgot something you wanted). Anywhooooo...I do see why it's a good idea to do outside the shower because I had no idea what my part was doing. But I liked being able to re-wet/add water in the shower. So I need to figure out what's more important - my part or convenience of not splashing all around the sink.

As I noted on the Struttswife plopping thread I also did a quick plop today which I have not done in AGES!! Overall so far so good. I have diffused a bit and it's now airdrying.

This is a keeper of a routine once I figure out where I want to do it and I have all my supplies/products ready.
Central Massachusetts

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