I also re-wet my hair but only do it on some days and I use a water bottle. For some reason... on some days my hair feels a little dry after applying my LI and curlcream (currently, pink boots/KCCC). I usually comb through those products and than rake in my gel and scrunch by section. However, when it seems too dry I spray the section of my hair with water and than rake and scrunch in the gel. If I don't do this it tends to get a little stringy and won't clump together as nice.
Mod CG - 6/12/09
3a - medium texture - medium porosity
http://public.fotki.com/criska/beforecg/ pw:curly

Wash: JC Hair Cleansing Cream
Rinse out: JC Too Shea
Leave ins: KCKT in the Winter and Pink Boots in the Summer
Styling Combos: Pink Boots/KCCC & Gel (summer) or KCKT, KCCC & Gel (winter)
Currently Testing: JC's RR and CC
DT's: Whatever I have on hand.