Hi Mendy. You and I have VERY similar hair, I might even go as far as to say you could be my hair twin (the only one I have found so far). My hair is also fine/thin, with med-high porosity but it has become more curly with the CG method, there are pics in my fotki (see below).

Here are some tips that work with my hair...maybe something will be of help!

My hair LOVES protein and I do a protein treatment (Nexus Emergencee) about twice per month followed by a DT (usually a heavy conditioner unless I am more motivated and I use coconut milk, honey, and olive oil which makes my hair so shiny and bouncy). I had success for awhile with ACV rinses but not in a long time.

I co-wash with suave coconut, rinse out with TIGI Moisture Maniac, and use the TIGI as a leave in as well (a pea sized drop). I always thought my hair was weighed down with too much moisture but I have found a balance it seems.

I love KCCC for styling (raked then scrunched through soaking wet hair then scrunch out the excess water with a t-shirt) followed by HETT mousse lightly scrunched in upside down. I check out my scalp for any obvious cowlicks or large parts of my scalp exposed and twist curls together to cover those parts, I also twist the curls on the canopy to ensure they aren't going to dry too crazy. I then let it air dry until it is about 90% dry and scrunch out the crunch. I have found that although I look awful when it is drying (bits of scalp showing and a real drowned rat look to me) it looks so much better dry when I just leave it alone before scrunching. In the winter I scrunched with JCN&S but in the summer I have been just scrunching with bare hands then lightly scrunching with a bit of water to re-activate the product and lay the fly-aways back down.

It took about a year to figure out what works and I still go through phases of not liking the results and having to try something new. I too believe that a shorter cut gives more volume but I also want the luxury of pulling it back so I fight with the flat head issues!

Good luck and let me know if you find some new methods that work! I too like to travel for the hair benefits, not so much the water but my hair gets so thick with the humidity...I need to move to Florida.
Fine/Thin/Med Porosity 3a-b
CG since 7-2008