Wow, it is great to hear from you Courtney! Many people have fine hair, but they do not have thin hair. Thank you so much for responding.

I will try some of the products that you mentioned. I know that everyone raves about KCCC, but the product description says something about helping to control body. That concerned me so I haven't tried it yet. So I will give that a try.

I thinking very seriously about shorter hair. My other big concern is a stylist. I am unhappy with my current one. I found someone with nice curly hair (happened to be a CG) and she recommended someone. I'm just not sure if I should take a bold move with a new stylist. Well, I'll think about it some more.

My biggest problem is still frizz and the hair cut won't fix that.

The homemade DT that you make. What is the recipe, and (I probably should know this, but) where do you get coconut milk (from a coconut)?