This was my first week CG - May 0f 08

This is this week (July 09):
Originally Posted by rudeechick
What an awesome transformation! I wish I could get perfect clumps like this. Oh well, I'll keep trying and hope to be able to post my own inspirational pictures soon.
Thick, mostly 2c with some 3a; fine texture, medium/high porosity, and a very strange curl & wave pattern.

Started CG (properly) as of 6/31/2009.

Cowash | Suave Naturals Ocean Breeze or Juicy Green Apple
Rinse-out | Burt's Bees Super Shiny
Leave-in | Live Clean Intense Moisturizing

Right now: growing hair past shoulder-length, looking to take decent hair picture (my avatar is my first day of CG).