I was a little concerned trying the KCCC for the same reason but my hair loves moisture and wasn't responding well to many drugstore products so I figured it was worth a shot. Thanks to fine/thin hair I have had the same jar for about 6 months and I still have about two inches left of product in the jar to get through. So it isn't nearly as expensive as it first appears (in my opinion). I do have to be careful about not using too much as for me it doesn't feel like I have any in my hair when I am applying it but if I get too much then I get weighed down and almost wet looking. Took me a few applications to get it just right.

For the DT: I buy a can of coconut milk (look in the ethnic food section with the soy sauce and other thai spices, try to find something that is all coconut milk with just water added, "Taste of Thai" or something close to that is the brand I buy) and pour 1/4 into a cup mix it with about a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of olive oil. I apply it to dry hair (I figure dry hair soaks up more) then wrap my head in plastic wrap to keep the goo in. I use a hair dryer to lightly warm it to help the mixture soak in or yesterday I put a tshirt on my head over the plastic and sat in the sun for a few hours. I co-wash it out and just add a leave in. Sometimes my hair is a little greasy day one but day two it is always looking its best. You can save the rest of the coconut milk in ziploc bags and put them in the freezer. Then I can just pull out a ziploc the night before a DT and let it defrost in the fridge.
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