When I was younger (I'm 31 now) people used to do that and I would tell them NO and shrug them off! But now, as an adult.. I guess I just have a look about me that says, "YOU BETTER ASK FIRST"... LOL!

So I don't get people just touching my hair but people often ask me can they touch it. I do understand why a lot of people wish to touch it though. I think if people see something different than their own they want to see how it feels.

Even men ask me.. but I always tell them no. I am married and I don't want any man touching my hair unless it's my husband...and well I can see my husband's head about to explode if some man was to touch it. LOL! And we DON'T need that...

But women ask me all the time. I usually say no unless we are discussing hair and they just are curious about what mine feels like...I just think it's an invasion of personal space. I would never just go up and touch anyone without asking UNLESS they were in danger of being hurt. Like this older woman almost fell on the curb before and I caught her. She was very thankful.

But it's just like when people are preggers. People go up to the woman and just rub her belly and it's like ? Um she's not a darn wishing well..leave this woman ALONE.

Now I DID have people do that when I was pregnant..and I set the straight. My husband and I were VERY protective of my belly. But he would get especially ticked if someone just came up and touched my tummy.

He often would block people's hands and tell them he didn't want anyone touching his wife. A lot of people were very embarrassed! YIKES! I remember those days..sometimes I was even mortified FOR the person but I agreed with him that no one should be touching my tummy!

But it's about personal space and respect as I said. And everyone has a right to PROTECT their personal space. Your hair IS part of your personal space and no one has a right to violate that and if they do you have EVERY right to ask them have they lost their ding dang mind!

Plus you don't know where people's hands have been..bleh!