I want to grow my hair out to mid-back length! So badly! Right now it's a little bit below shoulder-length...but I'm going in for a cut on Saturday. I haven't had one since last December, and for much of the time since then I've been shampooing and straightening (I only recently discovered CG). I have SO MANY split ends and I want to take care of them before they get to be a real problem. It should hopefully just be a little dusting, maybe a little shaping so that my hair frames my face and grows in better, but I've never met the stylist before so who knows. :-/

Anyway, after this cut I'm hoping that split ends won't be such a problem. I'd like to have BSL hair by Jan 2010 and then mid-back length hair by Aug 2010. We'll see! I'm taking hair growth vitamins and fish oil supplements. Can anyone suggest anything I can put on my ends to seal them and keep them from breaking? I know some people use coconut oil, but I don't really know where to buy it (all the stuff I've found has mineral oil in it).
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