I tried something a little different this a.m.: I flipped upside down in the shower and rinsed out my conditioner with cool water, then combed in my leave-in and some gel with a wide-tooth combs (I don't use a Denman).

I then turned off the shower spray and let the water run into the bathtub; still upside down, I cupped my hands under the stream to get a good little pool and then "dipped" my entire length into it...I did this several times until I was totally dripping. Then I scrunched in gel, scrunched out the excess, plopped then clipped (which is where I am now in the process). We'll see how this works.

God, we are such freaks! I LOVE US!!!
Originally Posted by StruttsWife
LOL. That will be the Super Soaker Supreme!

Yes, the wetter the better is the underlying principle behind the original theory.
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