I was thinking that today too as I see my stylist next month and she is always interested in the new techniques I have learned. Let me know if you come up with an idea
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So today, I tried the following: after I rinsed out the conditioner with my client's head back in the shampoo bowl, I raked in leave-in, raked in a bit of gel, then turned on the water, cupped my hand and scrunched in some water. I then flipped them upside down, loosened their hair at the hairline and scrunched in gel while they were still really wet.

Not perfect. But progress.
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That's about the way my current stylist - Deva-trained but doesn't use Deva dry cut on me - does mine. Makes a mess on her floor, but she doesn't seem to care, LOL. Then she blots my hair with paper towels, clips the top and puts me under the dryer.
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