I would say probably because of your flat iron...

I have use Ion - Leave Ins, Treatments. I don't like it
I also tried GVP - K Pace - This is okay. It softness a little bit...

I don't think my hair like protein
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It's definitely NOT because I flat ironed that 's for sure! I think it's got way more to do with doing the right things for my hair like finding a balance between the protein and the moisture. I did use a reallly good heat protectant yesterday that I haven't been using in awhile so I'm sure that helped prevent the damage from the flat iron from being worse than it could have been. I only flat ironed to see how long it was gettingh.

That's another thing! I can't believe how fast my hair is growing since I stopped using sulfates. It would have taken almost twice as long for my hair to grow as much as it has in the past four months when I was using sulfate shampoo!
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