I like the fact that I don't get volume from super-soaker; however, if I wanted to add volume, I would just smooth in just a tiny bit of CJ AF on top of my base coat before soaking and plopping. I know you're not fond of it, Gib, and I'm not either used by itself, but when I add in just a little on top of CJ CCCC before plopping it gives me lots of volume and sometimes some increased curl definition as well.
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I think the only problem is I haven't been doing much upside down with this method, which makes a world of difference for me. I hardly diffused today and not upside down at all. I think if I had I would have had the volume I like. My hair came out really pretty today -- just more wavy and not as voluminous as I like. I'm close to getting it; just needs a tad more tweaking. I'm lovin' the clumps, just need to get the balance of that and the volume and I'll be good to go!
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Why not try doing the soak upside down? Do you have a low sink? Or maybe like Struttswife, in the tub?
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I'm gonna try stuff. I WILL get this down even if I have to resort to a bucket!!
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